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My humble, little t-shirt line was conceived a handful of years ago as a series of loose ideas, sketches, and simple word associations while I oversaw the aesthetic and marketing endeavors of The Advantage Company in Williamsville, New York.

An amalgamation of my penchant for clean, simple design coupled with my affinity for t-shirt graphics and pop culture, andBuffalo was created as an outlet with no restrictions or barriers on what I could come up with. . .an ode to the city I was born in.

I am continuously humbled by how well-received the tee collection has been since its creation and it's that same warm reception that keeps me moving forward, developing new designs, a new t-shirt line (Retro Buffalo), and a new web site. . .all in the interest of making your experience with andBuffalo, and now Retro Buffalo, a positive one.

In the interest of updates, our whereabouts, new designs, et al., it's always good to keep your finger on the pulse of - we traditionally check in there whenever there is new news to share or an anecdote we feel like passing along.

That having been said, enjoy the new web site, the new designs, and by all means, please stay in touch.  We enjoy hearing from you.

We'll see you on the 2018 festival circuit. . .LTSGO BFLO.


Joe Kontrabecki
Kontrodesign, LLC
andBuffalo/Retro Buffalo

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